Save Jamie

10 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

May 20, 2019

Worrying about being taken away

Thank you all for your patience over these last few months. Jamie is still currently with his Dad but wakes up every morning worrying if this is the day that he is going to be snatched away from the security he has living there. He knows that his mother and the French authorities pursue him remorselessly and against all is best for him.

There has been lots of legal 'stuff' going on. We will soon be putting up a Legal Page on the website so that you can see how appallingly and with such neglect, the French courts have treated Jamie, his siblings and their Dad. So far, the eyes and ears of Justice in France have been tight shut - only seeing and listening to the (French) mother. The same mother that just left James in the children centre and flew back to France.

The family and close friends of James and his Dad battle on, trying to get their voice heard. Thank you all for your continued support and messages - we really need it. We only wish that we had some positive news that would give peace and security to these voiceless children.