Save Jamie

10 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

July 3, 2019

Legal Update

To Date:

Hearings in France are held 12 miles from the mother’s home. Jamie’s Dad asked that the case be heard elsewhere because of local bias, but his request was rejected.

The judge in Tarascon has never spoken to James.

The lawer allocated to James (by this same Tarascon court) has spoken to him once in four months, for about 10 minutes on 21 March 2019.

June 2019: France finally offer mediation between Jamie and his mother.

Jamie has not seen his siblings for nearly two years. His mother has been to Dubai many times and has seen James many times, but she never brought the two younger children so that the siblings could maintain their relationship.

Jamie is port-blocked in Dubai. He can not travel or maintain his links with his UK family.

The mother used the chair of 'Reunite' as her lawyer in the UK. The mother probably did this as she had removed all the children against the written wishes of Jamie’s dad, from their family home in Singapore. She removed them to France Christmas 2015. This is child abduction.

When Jamie first refused to live with his mother, Jamie’s Dad asked for advice from the French and British Consulates - but got no help. He then took Jamie to a french-trained clinical forensic psychiatrist, who interviewed both Jamie, and seperately, his Dad, over several meetings. The psychiatrist did an in depth, 5 page report.

When Jamie’s Dad read the report, he really realised just how bad life and the environment had been for Jamie and his siblings, living with the mother in France. He took James for counselling, so that Jamie could have a ‘safe space’ to unload, unravel and talk things through without having to ‘diss’ his mother in front of or to, his Dad.

Jamie maintained his meetings with the counsellor for a whole year, until he felt it was the right time to stop.

The French court threatened Jamie’s Dad with international arrest, even after Jamie had been Officially handed to the mother THREE times, and AFTER Jamie had been in the orphanage for more than a month - the French STILL insisting that Jamie go to France even though Jamie has been through all this trauma. This is pure child abuse and desecration of the UN Convention on the rights of the child.

Of note: France is signed up to the Hague Convention (the UAE is not currently a signatory) - but it seems that France is not committed to the spirit of the convention as it says that a child, if they are with a parent and are happy and settled for more than one year, that they should not be moved as it would be too traumatic and unsettling. Whereas Jamie has said at all times, (to anyone that will actually listen) his wish not to be with his mother, preferably to stay with his father. The French continue to threaten the father and pursue Jamie. Their pursuit of Jamie has nothing to do with his welfare or best interest. They have shown no interest in either.