Save Jamie

11 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

March 4, 2020

Jamie's security is under threat

Jamie’s security is under threat. His mum has tried to have him snatched away from his refuge in Dubai.

On 11 February 2020, his French mother got a court order to remove him from Dubai to France using force.

On 13 February 2020, at 3.30AM, two officers entered Jamie’s bedroom at the orphanage in Dubai. He is there because he is terrified and refuses to live with his mother or to go to France. So he had the choice. Go to France or go back to Dubai Social Services. He chose to go to Dubai Social Services, where he has been now for nearly a year. The orphanage is now a refuge as much as a prison for Jamie.
It took the officers more than half an hour to ‘convince’ Jamie to leave the orphanage. They then got him into their transport - where he was taken by 5am to Dubai airport. This is everything that Jamie had been terrified of and totally goes against all of his best interests. We must not forget that the court order included “the use of compulsive force if necessary…”
This account is from the recently received official document that supports this operation against Jamie. There are lots of phrases such as “calming” and “convincing”, of Jamie refusing to walk and they talk of his crying. He was too distressed to be taken through the public areas of the airport. So that this distraught boy did not come to the attention of regular travelling public, they get permission to take him, hidden away in their transport onto the runway and right up to the plane. The pilot came down, saw and spoke with Jamie and refused to carry such a distressed child on the plane.

This ‘low key’ description of such a traumatising event is from the official document. As you may realise, it puts this horrific situation in the most ‘mild’ way, avoiding difficult paperwork such ‘physical intervention’ and ‘restraint’ forms. As you will be aware, there is a great deal more to what happened, than this.
What kind of person, what ‘parent’, orders these actions to be done to their own child? Truly: What manner of person knowingly inflicts such immense continual stress and distress?
We are in anguish that these remorseless abusive actions can be perpetrated on this 11 year old boy.

This is an escalation of the abuse in their pursuit of Jamie. It is bullying. Each abusive action is worse than the one before - but they do not listen to the cries for help from this 11 year old boy. Supported by the French Authorities, this abuse has been going on for nearly 3 years. He has no advocate, no support. None is allowed. His British Dad, who tried so hard to help Jamie, can do nothing. Jamie is to be kept isolated until he breaks and goes to France. His deprived life in the orphanage, as much a prison as a refuge, is not a safe place for him now. Jamie has been in Dubai way longer than the 10 months he lived in France after he was abducted there by his mother when he was 7 years old. He desperately does not want to go there or be with her. The Authorities could send people to ‘convince’ Jamie onto a plane - but they refuse to listen to him. He must be totally bereft.
What right have these people to deprive Jamie of a secure, free and happy life? They restrict his life and his future - and they haven’t finished yet. We know that they are actively seeking other methods of forcing Jamie. We have always been terrified that they will use drugs or restraining devices to get him to France. The pure, naked arrogance and malicious vindictiveness of those involved in these actions against Jamie show complete and appalling moral depravity. What is being done to Jamie by his mother, supported by the French Authorities is a ‘natural crime’. It goes against everything that can be considered morally acceptable in the standards of a civilised country.
We ask: If they are doing this to Jamie, how many other children are also suffering? Jamie said, more than a year ago, after his mother had forced him to be questioned in court for hours “I don’t want any other child to have to go through what I am having to go through”.
The French continue to refuse to listen to him. They ignore evidence for Jamie’s welfare suggested by the Dubai Social Services. The level of psychological, emotional and physical deprivation that he is being forced to endure is entirely due to the French court orders. It is total child abuse.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The situation is worse even than we can write here. These actions are an abuse of Jamie’s human rights. He is now 11. He has a right to have his voice heard. Please join us as we plead with them to listen.

Please visit the petition - share, sign, support to Save Jamie. He needs every positive thought, wish, hope and prayer that we have to give him.