Save Jamie

10 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

May 29, 2019

Jamie's Dad is again under threat of arrest

We are sorry to say but we have heard that Jamie's Dad is once again under threat of arrest, initiated by the French authorities. It is the easiest way for them to 'get' Jamie and give him no option but to force him to have to go to France. The French authorities are manipulating the situation to their own ends. They have no interest in the best interest of James.

For instance, the family were assured subsequent to a court hearing in Tarascon, France on 22 March 2019 that the family court judge would speak to James, to hear his wishes. Two months later, she still has not spoken to him. Instead, they have allowed a request from the mother for a delay in proceedings, unusual when a case has been going on for so long....

The mother and the French authorities are depriving Jamie's two younger siblings, aged 7 and 3 years, from seeing or having any normal, correct relationship with their father. The stress and unhappiness that the mother and the French authorities are causing is simply immoral.