Save Jamie

10 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

October 19, 2019

10 year old Jamie is incarcerated in Dubai

10 year old Jamie (a British citizen) is currently incarcerated in a children's centre on the edge of the desert in the Middle East, and is not allowed to see the family and friends that love him. He is in a life-threatening situation and desperately needs the help and support of us all.

Jamie is under a great deal of stress, fighting extradition to France to live with his mother in an abusive environment. He is frightened of his mother and absolutely refuses to live with her.

Jamie is desperate to stay with his loving Dad, in their safe and familiar environment.

His human rights have been violated by the French authorities. Jamie deserves to be heard. His wishes and his safety are paramount. We cannot bear him being alone, away from the people that love him. We are desperate to get him back to the safety of life with his Dad.

He has said that when he goes to sleep, he wishes he doesn't wake up. He has also said on several occasions that he will kill himself if he is forced to return to his mother.

This is a desperate and urgent situation. Please, please help to save Jamie's life and bring him home to his loving family by making a donation through Just Giving, and supporting our campaign on social media.

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PLEASE dontate whatever you can to help us get Jamie released back to a loving and safe environment.

We cannot leave this poor child locked up and alone.

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July 3, 2019


Jamie is port-blocked in Dubai. He can not travel or maintain his links with his UK family.