Save Jamie

11 year old Jamie desperately needs your help and support

October 26, 2020

11 year old Jamie is incarcerated in Dubai

Jamie, a British boy aged 11 years old, is currently incarcerated in a children's centre on the edge of the desert in the Middle East. His French mother could have released him at any time, but she keeps him locked away because he is too frightened to live with her. He is in a life-threatening situation and desperately needs the help and support of us all.

Jamie is under a great deal of stress, fighting extradition to France to live with his mother, citing an abusive environment. He is frightened of his mother's violence and aggression and absolutely refuses to live with her.

His human rights have been comrehensively violated by the French authorities. They refuse to listen to him even though he is 11 years old and well within the 'age of discernment'. They are absolutely and blindly determined to force him to live with his mother.

Jamie has every right to be heard but they do not speak to him or find out his concerns. We believe that his wishes and his safety are paramount. When he lived with his mother, he said that when he went to sleep, he wished he wouldn't wake up. He has also said on several occasions that he will kill himself if he is forced to return to his mother.

This is a desperate and urgent situation. Please, help to Save Jamie and bring him home to his loving family through our 'How You Can Help' page, by signing the Petition, supporting our facebook campaign etc.

Thank you

July 3, 2019


Jamie is port-blocked in Dubai. He can not travel or maintain his links with his UK family.